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Jeremy JF Thompson is the Director of OHNO Co, and agency providing marketing, design and consulting services to local businesses and brands in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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In 2010, Jeremy JF Thompson founded OHNO Co (OpenHouse New Orleans Company), a media development, marketing & event production agency focusing on supporting local businesses committed to operating in New Orleans. Aside from work with clients, Jeremy JF Thompson also produces community projects, such as Defend The Daiquiri, an ongoing campaign to preserve and celebrate Daiquiri Shop Culture and the unique Open-Container Laws of Louisiana. 

Thompson has also managed several bars and consulted on craft cocktail and beverage programs around the country. He prefers to always have some presence behind a bar, maintaining that, "there's no better place to meet folks and hear the stories that make a city what it is. Stand behind a bar, and everyone comes to you."

Developing a lifelong interest in branding, having been raised in a marketing & advertising family, Jeremy JF Thompson continues to cultivate a career of branding, marketing everything from modular facilities in Central Park NY, to Russian Vodka, to new small businesses in New Orleans. In his profile in the July 2011 issue of OffBeat Magazine, he states, If there’s one thematic element that’s woven through what I love most about art practice and the restaurant environment, it’s the freedom of restraint. All of my jobs require simplifying things tremendously. It creates frustration, but it’s also the beauty of it, the challenge. Sometimes you have to go deep into some kind of hyper-detailed complex abyss in order to arrive at the doorstep of anything called ‘simple.'

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Marketing, Branding, Networking, Shared Value, Localism, New Orleans, Festivals, American History, Cocktails, Bars, Frozen Daiquiris

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